A-A-Ron and Saggy Neck Syndrome

A-A-Ron and Saggy Neck Syndrome

For some reason I went back and  looked at the original A-A-Ron MRI and for the first time I noticed that you can literally see how he is pushing on the brain. Mom and I have been stuck watching lots of TV and that stupid saggy neck commercial has been on a million times.  That is totally what I am reminded of when looking at this picture.  The whole left side of my brain (on the right side of the MRI because it is the view from below) is all fine and dandy just sitting there being a brain.  And then the back of my brain has saggy neck syndrome from how much A-A-Ron was just pushing his way around. An he just bullied his way around for years and years and years…and my brain just moved over millimeter by millimeter and developed saggy neck syndrome…inside my head. I need to find one of the post surgery MRIs and see if the sag went away. I guess it is better than being on my actual neck. Seriously.

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