There’s something satisfying about being humbled.

Maybe humbled isn’t the right word.  Learning new things. Having aha moments. Being challenged in an educational way. I just like those moments. This entire brain tumor experience has been a continuous learning experience.  I’ve learned about medical insurance. I’ve learned about the amazing resources they have for people who are dealing with these issues (the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge or as I affectionately call it the Cancer Condo – check this out if you aren’t familiar with facilities around the country). I’ve learned lots about my brain and cognitive functioning in general. I’ve learned about all different kinds of cancer, all different kinds of therapies that people undergo. I have started working on my Spanish lessons and learned I might actually be able to roll my r’s if I don’t overthink it; though I have yet to find a book store that actually has a book to help me on the Braille side.

I’ve observed how dramatically differently people in my life have handled my diagnosis and experience, how people in Mom’s life have handled my diagnosis and treatment and her role as a caregiver, how other patients and caregivers here at the cancer condo are dealing on a daily basis. It is very interesting to see how some people surprise you in both directions. It makes me think about how I would handle the situation from the outside as opposed to the inside or how I would have handled this 20 years ago.  The young folks here in there 20s are the ones who I feel humbled by. I feel I’m doing fine and that my old age of 39 brings me wisdom, and yet, I’ve only been dealing with this for 4 months.  They have been dealing with their issues for years, when teenagers, before they really got to live their lives. They’re getting transplants and immuno-therapies and that is the only life they have known. That is certainly not something I have any experience with…and it makes me think that I have more to learn from them than I realized.

Today marks the first day of Summer and the halfway point of my radiation. So I put on a summer dress and we’re getting Insomnia Cookie Ice Cream sandwiches are we kill off some A-A-Ron cells this afternoon. Take some time and do something good for your brain cells today!


One thought on “There’s something satisfying about being humbled.

  1. Isn’t life amazing? These human bodies are so fragile and yet so resilient. I love your gratitude for being alive. Listening to, loving and knowing people is all we really have. Oh, and art. Have you tried painting or drawing? Love to see a visual expression of your experience. Love you bunches.

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