Unlikely future career or hobby options

I’ve been amusing myself with making lists of things that are probably out of my future career or hobby options.  For instance, it is unlikely I will be judging any graffiti contests, probably not becoming an uber driver, and professional Where’s Waldo finder seems to be out. I’m probably not going to edit action movies or monitor security cameras. Crossword puzzles aren’t so easy anymore. Sewing/knitting/crocheting or anything of that nature is not likely. Pretty much anything that requires split second reaction times or attention to fine detail is probably out.  This just forces me to be a little more creative in considering my options. Things that don’t necessarily have strict time limits. Things that are perhaps music or art related, though I’ve never really thought of myself as creative in that sense. Guess we’ll have to see. Perhaps A-A-Ron was suppressing my Picasso or Beethoven skills all along. I am not holding my breath on that, but I’m willing to test the waters. Worst thing that can happen is I try and realize I’m as terrible as I thought I was.

And of course, the neuro-ophthalmologist could tell me this week that my vision will be back to normal before I know it and this will all be moot. Who knows!

In the meantime, I’m taking suggestions if anyone has any for other activities.

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