My Radiation Dose Cloud

My Radiation Dose Cloud

Say hello to my dose cloud. I believe the red outline is A-A-ron’s cavity, where he is no more. The green outline around that is where there is healthy brain that needs to be protected. The red shading is where the radiation is targeted. That must mean that A-A-Ron’s remainder sits between the red line and the green line near that red dot in the lower right of the cloud…which would make sense considering they took out 80% of him. They radiate the cavity in case there are microscopic cancerous cells in there that might grow in the future. The place where the red and green outlines cross is an example of doctors making trade-offs to get as much of the cancerous cells as possible while saving as much of the healthy brain cells as possible.  I assume that any shading outside the green line is more of that.  More things I never expected to learn in my life!

Successful first week of radiation and chemo with  minimal side effects. 5 more weeks to go!

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