Continued visual amusements

My vision continues to be interesting. Although some of the left periphery is starting to be slightly active, I still find myself seeing mostly the right side of something first and then having to work my way back to the left to figure out what I’m looking at. I suppose it would have been easier for me if I read a language from right to left. Alas, I’m a left eye dominant girl in a left-to-right reading world. Today’s amusement was a sign that said “Women’s Rights Matter”, but I read “Men’s Tights Matter.”

It is amusing also that I have for years had this pet peeve about font size.  Designers like to have elegant, classy fonts that are often very tiny and difficult to read from very far.  Users should not have to strain to read things from their expected viewing distance, especially when they are engaged in critical decision making tasks.  It became a consistent pattern over the years working with many designers and I started referring to it as the Spinal Tap  mini stone henge issue. I’ve even been called the font police. Now, rather than being empathetic to the “average user”, I literally have a more difficult time seeing smaller fonts, text with less contrast, and just crappy fonts that are difficult to read in general.

It will be interesting to see how my vision shifts over the coming months during and after treatment.  The issue is not my eyes, but my visual processing pathway within the brain. Neuroplasticity  is very real and it’s possible my vision will improve drastically.  It is also possible I will have a longer term deficit.  Either way, the world continues to entertain me in whatever way it can and I’m sure I’ll keep the pet peeve regardless of whether I can  actually read stuff easily or not. I may wind up noticing really good designs as opposed to bad designs because I will actually be able to read them. That would, frankly, be a nice change of pace for a human factors engineer. 🙂


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