I  am still kicking. Haven’t been feeling much like blogging as things have just been stagnant.  For over a month we’ve been waiting for insurance approvals.  That means lots of Law and Order marathons…and then the denials.  I am explaining it as follows – my doctors requested the A+ treatment and the insurance approved the B+ treatment. So I’m not getting bargain bin clearance radiation, but I also not getting what my doctors recommended. Such is the American healthcare system. Both radiation and chemo begin in two days.  Radiation is 6 weeks.  Chemo is 12 months.

In more amusing news, while I sometimes forget I have my left eye blind area, I am reminded when I read things in my environment and they seem a little off.  For example, I was in a CVS a few weeks ago and I looked up to see a big sign on the wall that said “Racists that care”.  Clearly it didn’t actually say that on the CVS wall.  It really said “Pharmacists that care”.  I just had to look further to the left to see the whole thing.  Last week, I read a newspaper headline that said “Slim man and Jewish woman pray together”. That seemed off to me, so again I had to look further to the left to read that it actually said “Muslim man and Jewish woman pray together”. At least the world continues to amuse me in various ways.

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