Braille anyone?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to stimulate my silly brain to prevent it from getting mushy from all the fun upcoming therapies.  I decided to use language in addition to playing the piano.  First up is Spanish because at least I have a head start from back in school.  My dad has the Rosetta stone for Spanish and my cousin is already fluent, so I have practice options.  This should help me start filling up the grapefruit.  The other day I got the idea to learn Braille because my eyes get strained fairly easily, but also because the tactile stimulation should activate additional pathways in the brain.  I have no idea how someone goes about learning Braille and now it is something I’m slightly fascinated by.  It’s not really something you can do on a standard computer, right? It requires actual physical bumps on a page right? I must make a trip to a book store or a library to investigate this. For now, I’m imagining the options while I picture Denzel reading the Bible in The Book of Eli. Interestingly, if you Google Braille, the first thing that Google shows after the solo word is “Braille on steering wheel”. Now that’s  unexpected. Apparently back in 2009 people were discussing whether Braille appears in some vehicles.  Someone else in the human factors community definitely knows more than I about what is going on with regard to research in that area…it certainly is an interesting thing to ponder, especially as we move toward self-driving cars…I wonder if being able to read Braille will somehow be a good zombie apocalypse skill as well…

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