My future superpowers

My time off from treatment has been relaxing. I like feeling the drugs leaving my system and my brain starting to slowly return to its old self. I definitely mean SLOWLY, but I still like knowing it is happening bit by bit. I remember talking about coming out the other end of this with superpowers.  As I read all about the brain and neuroplasticity and all the things I can do myself to improve my brain functioning, the idea is not really so far fetched at all. I just need to keep my brain active and force it to continue building new connections. The research suggests that being exposed to novel stimuli is a great way to keep the brain on its toes, so to speak. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, also appears to be a wonder drug for the brain.  Now I need to figure out how I can exercise my visual processing system to either more efficiently handle incoming stimuli and/or to start compensating for my left side blindness.   I welcome thoughts or suggestions. I am also curious about the impact of glasses in a couple weeks. Fashion and function! And maybe X-Ray vision?!?

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