When life hands you dinner

When life hands you dinner

In a recent trip to the grocery store, Mom and I picked up a boxed meal similar to HelloFresh and the like. We thought it would be a good idea to see if this would be an option for me when I’m solo. Let’s just say it was a bit of a disaster.

First, Mom suggested that I try it on my own to really see how it goes. We pulled out the card, which has very small print and A LOT of instructions. I just froze. The gears in my brain came to a grinding halt. I just looked at the card and nothing happened. After a minute or so, Mom ran interference. She gave me two possible tasks to do while she started other things. Two tasks. Cut the brussels sprouts or zest and juice the lemon and lime. (Side note: I just learned from writing this blog that there is an s at the end of brussel in brussels sprouts!) Again, I froze. My brain couldn’t decide even between these two things. Which would be easier? Which did I want to do? No successful data processing. Finally I settled on zesting and juicing, which consisted of me repeatedly asking questions about exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It became crystal clear that, were I to be doing this on my own, it would easily take me over an hour and be quite stressful to do. Lesson learned – pre-fab meals are not my jam. Thanks to Mom, we had a tasty meal after all.

I often still have moments where I feel guilt for not working, where I think I should be doing more. And then I am brought back to reality when I cannot follow the steps in a recipe. Such is life. Luckily I have learned lots of things that DO work for me; it just requires me sifting through these things that don’t!

2 thoughts on “When life hands you dinner

  1. After being able to rely on a very sharp brain all your life, it must be more than a little disconcerting for it to work quite differently than you are used to. I am faced with similar feelings as my body ages and doesn’t function in ways I’ve come to expect. Thanks for sharing your experience. The truth is, we’re all “disabled” in different ways. Since we’re a society that doesn’t value diversity, I imagine many people can relate to your experience. There needs to be more avenues for conversation. Love you.


  2. This is all okay! We tried those meals for a few weeks and realized how environmentally UNFRIENDLY they are. There is way to much plastic, ice packs galore none of which can be recycled or reused. Because of this we gave up the idea and just bought our groceries form the store. Much less packaging and waste and better for our world. Do you or have you volunteered with folks that may have the same issue as you? I could see you being a wonderful roll model and support system for people that are recently dealing with having to adjust to living with a brain tumor. It may be difficult now due to Covid. I think you are incredibly inspirational!


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