Summer Adventures

Summer Adventures

Recently I’ve had some successful adventures that produced so many smiles that my face has hurt! I’ve mentioned numerous outings that have resulted in headaches or over-stimulation or general disappointment, so it’s nice to be able to mention some of the ones that exceeded expectations. A few weeks ago, I rode go-karts! Since I do not drive anymore, I really wanted to try something that would let me simulate that experience to just see how it felt with the world zipping by me. Last summer my friends suggested go-karts as an option. When I got the chance, I jumped on it! I had a little trouble with the car getting started, but once it did I had a blast. I rode around that track with rain falling on my head and skidding around the corners and it was fantastic. Although the rain shut the track down after only one session, I was happy to have gotten the chance and know that I will be able to do it again.

My most recent adventure was roller skating! I had no idea that people still did this! We went to an outdoor roller skating pavilion in a park where you just give them your ID and they give you skates for free. My first time roller skating in over 20 or 30 years probably shouldn’t have been done on concrete, but I had a blast and didn’t injure myself. The place was hopping, there were all kinds of crazy outfits, there were even people who could seriously skate, dance while skating, do spins and other tricks, and just look super smooth in general. Watching them was just as much fun as skating! There was so much joy in that pavilion.

I hope we all find more of these joyful, carefree adventures and do them more often!


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