Smile. You’re Awesome.

Smile. You’re Awesome.

I still struggle with feeling like I’m a productive member of society. I volunteer one day a week, but I’m on full time disability because my brain is still healing and adjusting to its limitations. I wrestle with wanting to do more but not being capable of what I used to. Today I decided “my job” would be to spread some joy by wearing my “Smile. You’re Awesome.” shirt. I had this shirt custom made a while ago but forgot about it. I find that the shirts that say “Smile IF you’re awesome” don’t have the sentiment I really want to convey, so I made one that did. I don’t know how many people actually noticed it beyond the two women who work in my building, but it made them both smile so I consider that a success. If it also has the same effect on you, then more success!

In addition to my shirt, I picked up trash during my morning walk, I said “Good morning” to everyone I passed, I helped an older gentleman cross the street, and I gave a flower to my building concierge. While I may not be solving world problems, at least I can influence the space around me for the better.

2 thoughts on “Smile. You’re Awesome.

  1. What a wonderful way to give back. I find that making others smile makes me smile more too. It’s definitely contagious, and I wish more poeple would follow suit. Go you!!!


  2. I love this. To me, your caring and kindness automatically make you a productive member of society. 🙂 My spiritual teacher John-Roger says that service is the highest form of consciousness. I really take it to heart, and I see you sharing and serving!



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