Continuing adventures of a brain tumor landlord

I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately. Some adventures of late and musings related to those:

  • Indoor rock climbing was fun, even if it was difficult for my brain to wrap itself around belaying. I decided I didn’t feel comfortable being responsible for someone else’s safety. Making sure that everything is secured properly so that the other person will not get hurt was too much effort for my brain. I tend to second guess things over and over and over and so while I enjoyed the climbing part, I felt bad that I couldn’t belay others.
  • Indoor adventure park was also awesome. Similarly, the actual obstacles and courses were lots of fun; yet learning to use the safety strap, which needed to be transferred to each new obstacle in a specific way, required much more effort for me than anyone else. I had to be shown multiple times and multiple ways in order for it to finally click for my brain. Once it did I was fine, but it does take longer than it used to and than for others.
  • For both of these activities, there were lasting impacts in the form of serious bruising all over my thighs from the safety harnesses. For those of you who aren’t aware, one of the side effects of chemo is that I bruise super easily and it is long lasting. Right now I look like I got run over by a truck across my thighs. It’s quite a work of art.
  • I’ve also taken two cooking classes: back country cooking and anti-cancer cooking. Sadly, during both of these classes, when it got to the cooking portion, I didn’t participate much. During the outdoor cooking class, I got overwhelmed and also didn’t feel comfortable working with the stoves. During the anti-cancer cooking class, I got so fatigued that I literally laid down on a yoga mat in the corner of the room and took a nap while everyone else cooked. Luckily I was at a cancer center where that kind of thing is not only common, but knowing your limits and taking care of yourself is encouraged.
  • Each of these activities was new for me and presented some new obstacles for me to overcome. Each was also a great learning experience, a step out of my comfort zone, a chance to socialize with others, and a chance to live my life even as someone who has limitations.
  • Next on my list: riding a bike again, go carting, maybe a dance class. Maybe I’ll also get back to to the juggling idea!

One thought on “Continuing adventures of a brain tumor landlord

  1. I find your writing about your experiences fascinating. I am so proud to have you in my family. You’re a very strong woman who impresses me by always trying something new to push yourself with new experiences. You’re amazing!


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