The Before and After MRIs

The Before and After MRIs

I finally got myself a copy of the post-surgery MRI.  So here are the two next two each other.  The original A-A-Ron is on the left.  On the right is an MRI that I had about two months after the craniotomy. It is clearly not a one-for-one of just empty space. You can see a small black cavity that still exists, but otherwise my brain has actually expanded back into the space it should have been occupying in the first place.  The saggy neck on the left has clearly gone away. There are probably other interesting things that my eyes really can’t see at the moment…but it certainly fascinating to just look at the images side by side. The brain and modern medicine are miraculous.

2 thoughts on “The Before and After MRIs

  1. To the non-clinical viewer, it seems like this:
    “No wonder you can’t see so well right now! Your eyeballs receded!”


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